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Alihan Erdoğan

A classical guitar lover. He was born in Istanbul. He lives in a musical circle where he has a dialogue with the sounds of classical western music and some other geographies. He takes part in some music groups engaged in the fusion of folk music. He is the co-founder and coordinator of the initiative "Duvarlar Bile Biliyor" that recalls the spirit of local artifacts left behind. A classical guitar instructor as well as its student forever.

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Ezgi Ceylan


A real music lover. A musical traveller who discovers her own voice thanks to the magic of various voices of the world. the period she steps into the liberating world of improvisation coincides with the time when she went into some musical works with Kadir Şan Tarhan. Her discoveries about nature, essence and a self free from identities become deeper in parallel. Her love for the music of different communities finds an expression through her singing in various groups. Her encounter with Ali marks a turning point in both her musical education and his improvisation-oriented works. The album they are preparing is a production that organizes their search for meaning about the world, music and people. As a place of memory, where the seeds of this album are also planted, she conducts a  study on the music of the island with the project name “Duvarlar Bile Biliyor” in Imbros.

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