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who is 'duvarlar bile biliyor'?

It is a musical initiative that aims to prevent the loss of cultural productions on the periphery and to keep the collective memory alive. It is named after the phrase "even the walls know this song*", which the musician Timoleon Tsakni from Imbros says before singing some pieces of the island. This naming also points to the reality of what happened in Imbros in the past, which is well known by the witnesses and leaked into the walls of some evacuated houses.

Duvarlar Bile Biliyor, began its publishing life in the summer of 2020 under the initiative of Ezgi Ceylan and Alihan Erdoğan. Within the scope of the project, in addition to the performances of the relevant pieces by various musicians, dictation of the songs making them accessible to other performers, and translation of the lyrics to present them to different language speakers are undertaken. Even the Walls Know, encourages the participation of recipients with ideas and suggestions that prioritize the survival of cultural productions of the kind focused on our initiative, whether they are engaged in any art branch or not.

*"Duvarlar Bile Biliyor" means "Even the Walls Know".

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